These four ways to deal with the misery of getting married


These four ways to deal with the misery of getting married – You were planning your wedding for months. All the preparations were done. But at the last moment your marriage was canceled due to Corona epidemic. The next date has not been decided yet. Obviously you will be very sad. Due to the wedding cancellation, you will not only have emotional but also financial loss. But given the current situation, there was no option but to cancel the wedding. But being unhappy is not going to work, let’s find ways to get out of this situation.

These four ways to deal with the misery of getting married
These four ways to deal with the misery of getting married

1. Focus on health

In this difficult time, you should give all your attention to your health. Eat well and try to get enough sleep. Maintain your fitness routine. As soon as the corona is over, the new date of marriage will come. Spend time with family You should not be alone during the spread of corona virus. Doing this will help you to remain mentally and physically fit.

2. Stay connected with people

Stay connected with your distant friends and relatives through social media. Keep talking to your future husband through phone and internet too. The misery of both of you is shared. You can understand each other’s feelings better. Tell me how you are feeling in this whole environment. Assure each other that this round will pass. By the way, you have to be thankful to Corona indirectly, who got a little more opportunity to understand each other before marriage.

3. Stay in touch with your wedding planner

Of course, with the sudden cancellation of the wedding, you have suffered a lot of financial loss. But don’t panic. Stay in touch with your wedding planner. In this time of Crisis, vendors will be flexible about their services. As soon as the atmosphere is normal, according to your convenience, tell the date and after the discussion the arrangement of marriage will be done in the same expenses or a little more. If you will be in touch with the planner, then you may not have to spend anything at all.

4. Ignore Gossips

In our society it is considered inauspicious to have a wedding cancel or pospon. Even though everyone will be well aware of the situation of the marriage being canceled, there will be some relatives who will not be deterred by their negative comments. You have to be mentally prepared for these kinds of things. It would be best if you do not pay attention to these fire ants.


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